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In addition to the many business services we offer to small and medium size companies nationwide, we have an experienced team available to assist mini call centers, especially those using the Arise Virtual Solutions platform. Onecall Contact Center, LLC is also an IBO partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions since 2014, IBO # 77830. As a network and resource center dedicated to assisting potential and existing Arise Virtual Solutions IBOs and CSPs we have an array of services to help you grow your virtual call center and be successful in the industry.

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Don't take our word for it, see for yourself how The OneCall Hub can assist you on your Arise Virtual Solutions journey. We are availble to help you here on our site, social media and even email. If we don't have the answer, we will point you in the right direction.

The decision to join the Arise platform is not always an easy one. updated and accurate information is sometimes hard to find. At OneCall IBO Hub, we have the experience of being a partnered Arise Virtual Solutions IBO. We feel confident that our customer service background together with our suite of online resources will benefit you!


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Since opening our doors in 2004, OneCall Contact Center has been owned and operated in the U.S. With our corporate office in Fort Worth, Texas, OneCall is dedicated to supporting jobs to those closest to home.

We take pride in providing a flexible working solution for not only our clients, but also for a growing team of virtual agents across the United States..



Our mission is to bring together top-tier talent from nation-wide labor pools who need flexibility due to their day to day lives. We want people to take control of their careers across the United States and worldwide.



Welcome to the OneCall IBO & CSP Hub

As a work from home customer service professional, I understand that having information at your fingertips is key to success. I am happy you trusted us to help your business shine!

Felicia Ray



Don't take our word for it, see what others have to say...

Tammy Wingler

Tons of support and helpful information. Thank you

Keke Houston

Tons of info! I'm enjoying reading others posts/comments and learning so much!

Adele J Foster-Glenn

New to the hub but found it to be very resourceful.

Coletta Redd

This group is awesome! I am able to get assistance and give assistance to my fellow IBOs. It's just a great group of like minded people, helping each other.

Jim Van Leeuwen

The resources on here are just building, but they're great to have especially for new new CSPs and IBOs. But, anyone who wants to keep learning can get more knowledge from the sources on here. It's a great place to network.

Natlaie Arndt

I found this group and website to be an excellent resource for IBO's, especially new ones who are not familiar with the portal. If I wouldn't have had access to the group or the website I would have been completely lost!! Great tool, well managed and an amazing group! Thank you!

Brittney Armstrong

As a brand new IBO & CSP, I became a tad overwhelmed with the Arise lingo and some of the verbiage on the Client Overviews. I heard about this hub on a youtube video and decided to reach out. I received a reply within minutes. With Felicia's help I can now move forward feeling comfortable with my choice. I can already tell Felicia and the rest of you will be my safe havens for quite sometime. At least until I'm ready to help another. 

Debbie Lane

I believe this a great way to get great information especially if you are just starting out. I great to see others share and I too will hopefully bring something that can help someone as all. Lets keep it going good and strong.

Debbie Mitchem

I absolutely love this group! Tons of helpful information and resources available right at your fingertips. Just getting to know other IBO's and CSP's is awesome! Helping each other, giving advice, and tips is a great way to meet new people and to form "working" bonds! The HUB is an awesome tool as well! I love this group and everybody here, they are truly awesome people!

Cori Pratt

Pratt's Answering Service

I love this group... It has been the most valuable tool I have in getting my business up and running. If I have any questions there is always someone there to give advice and tips on how they do things. Everyone is very friendly and wiling to help each other. The only thing that makes me sad is this group was not available sooner. But I want to give kudos to Felicia for for getting this started and for helping to make this group what it is.
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