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Why am I receiving an error message when I enter the TIN/EIN for my business during the registration process?

In order to register your business to use the Arise Platform, your business MUST be a for-profit corporation, duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the State or jurisdiction of its incorporation and the FEIN/TIN/EIN number issued to the business. The Business Name and TIN must match the IRS records. If the Name and FEIN/TIN/EIN entered do not match what is on file with the IRS, you will not be able to register your business.

If your business has just obtained a FEIN/TIN/EIN, it is our experience that it can take up to 14 business days for the IRS to update the database utilized for corporate validation purposes. Arise has no control over the timing or frequency of any IRS database update and cannot speedup the validation process. We suggest that you wait 2-3 days and re-run the validation. If you are still getting this error after the 14th business day, please open a ticket with Arise and attach the following (1) Articles of Incorporation, (2) a Certificate of Good Standing if the business is more than one year old and (3) IRS Form Letter CP 575 issued to the business.

If you receive an error that the FEIN/TIN/EIN was not issued. Check your corporate records to confirm that the FEIN/TIN/EIN was issued to the BUSINESS NAME not to an individual officer of the business. If you are still receiving an error message, please contact a Registration Specialist for further assistance. It will be helpful for you to have the following ready (1) Articles of Incorporation, (2) a Certificate of Good Standing if the business more than one-year-old and (3) IRS Form Letter CP 575 issued to the Business.


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