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Brandy Hymel
Jul 10
Jul 10
We're Re-BrandingLook what we've become!


We are very pleased to announce that effective Jan 1, 2020 OneCall Contact Center, LLC is re-branding!  Our new name will be RFC Staffing.

RFC Staffing will be 100% owned by Ray Family Company of Fort Worth, Texas, and will have 3 separate business units:

  • RFC Contact Center
  • RFC IBO Hub
  • RFC Field/Event Staff

This change is part of our deliberate strategy targeted to emphasize what we do. We were formally in the business of offering primarily call center staff. Over the years we have changed the nature of our business and now offer a full suite of staffing services.

Over the next few weeks we will gradually update our website and communication to reflect the new company name and logo.

Other than this change, our existing policy on products, services, customer service, quality commitment, management and direction shall remain as it is...but hopefully become even better!

Henceforth, all business activities shall be conducted in the name of RFC Staffing and we ask that you update your records accordingly.

Thank you.

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