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Felicia Ray
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As you work from home, you will need a dedicated landline telephone that is SEPARATE from any home phone line you use for personal calls. This dedicated landline telephone should only be used for providing services to Arise clients. To set this up for your home-based business you will need:

  1. A corded telephone (no wireless phones or cellular phones). Your phone does not need to be fancy as long as it is corded and can be plugged directly into a wall phone jack and has a place to plug in a headset. Many agents use a basic landline phone that they purchase online or at a local retail store.
  2. A corded headset that is compatible with, and plugs directly into, your corded phone.

A recommended headset and phone that has been tested and proven with our work from platforms including Arise is AGPtek® Call Center Dialpad Headset Telephone

I use this very same phone to service my own Arise clients and I have been using it for years with no problems at all!!


Felicia Ray
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