IBO Questions

1Where can I find answers to Arise IBO related questions?
We have a few places here on the OneCall Hub for IBO questions.

1. Many of your questions may already be answered on the OneCall Wiki/FAQ 24/7/365

2. If you are unable to find your answers in the OneCall Wiki, you can also visit the IBO Support Forum for additional FAQs and to post a new topic.
2How do I list my IBO on the OneCall Hub Directory?
IBOs can list their call center company HERE If you need assistance with your IBO Listing on the OneCall Hub Directory, please post your questions in the @ IBO Support Forum
3How do I edit my OneCall IBO Directory Listing?
All of your IBO account information can be found in your IBO Dashboard
4Is OneCall Contact Center, LLC an Arise IBO Call Center?
OneCall Contact Center, LLC is a virutal call center. We are partnered with several platforms across the United States. OneCall Contact Center, LLC has been partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions since 2013. Our Arise IBO ID is 77830.
5If I list my IBO will OneCall recruit my CSPs?
OneCall Contact Center, LLC does not "take" CSPs who are signed on with another Arise IBO. If a CSP reaches out to an IBO through The Hub, out system forwards those messages directly to the IBO. We will reach out to CSPs periodically to insure that an IBO did contact them back.

If a CSP asks questions about the OneCall Arise IBO and/or joining hte OneCall IBO, we will not prevent them from doing so.
6Is the IBO Hub Free?
All CSPs have access to The Hub for FREE!

At this time, there is no fee for IBOs to list their call center company on The Hub, however we do reserve the right to change this based on company needs.
7Does The Hub alter my IBOs data?
OneCall reserves the right to update IBO listings with current information that is publicy avaiallbe and/or suggestions made by the public. However, if you are an IBO call center owner and you would like to dispute any changes made, please feel free to contact us.
We're Re-BrandingLook what we've become!


We are very pleased to announce that effective Jan 1, 2020 OneCall Contact Center, LLC is re-branding!  Our new name will be RFC Staffing.

RFC Staffing will be 100% owned by Ray Family Company of Fort Worth, Texas, and will have 3 separate business units:

  • RFC Contact Center
  • RFC IBO Hub
  • RFC Field/Event Staff

This change is part of our deliberate strategy targeted to emphasize what we do. We were formally in the business of offering primarily call center staff. Over the years we have changed the nature of our business and now offer a full suite of staffing services.

Over the next few weeks we will gradually update our website and communication to reflect the new company name and logo.

Other than this change, our existing policy on products, services, customer service, quality commitment, management and direction shall remain as it is...but hopefully become even better!

Henceforth, all business activities shall be conducted in the name of RFC Staffing and we ask that you update your records accordingly.

Thank you.