Currently in training

I don't have a whole lot of info on this client just yet but the training is very easy. My instructor is fun. She's not the kind that ignores your questions or requests. She doesn't mind staying after class to make sure all systems work and we understand everything we went over in class. The best part is that she knows how to be personable but stay on task. She'll laugh and joke with us but bring it back in and say "ok, lets move on now". So far I think I'm going to really enjoy this client. We're at the beginning of week 2. We've gone over how to access most of the systems and they are pretty easy to navigate. I don't like that they do still use AS400 but they have it set up very comprehensively. I have worked a client that use nothing but codes that have nothing to do with the function. This client is much better to understand, find the info I need, plus they are not so hard on us to reach sales quotas. They have 2 different trainings. Business advantage or customer service. I chose business advantage because I wanted something with weekends off. More importantly, I wanted a client with more laid back customers. I have heard that they all pretty much know what they want (repeat customers) and are a little more patient. I'll write a better review when I've been servicing with them a while.