I failed my Arise voice assessment. Can I retake it?

I failed my Arise voice assessment There are many reasons this could happen and some CSPs are left asking "I failed my Arise voice assessment. Can I retake it?" Typically it takes 90 days before a CSP is able to retake the voice assessment once failed. We advise that you visit portal.arise.com and log into your account. From there, select Arise Virtual Assistant application (AVA) to contact with Support via chat. Provide the chat agent with the details of what you feel caused you to fail. Kindly ask the agent to grant you another chance to take the assessment based on your specific circumstances. Typically Arise will afford a second chance to agents who were having difficulties hearing the assessment due...

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Do CSPs pay for Arise training cost?

Arise Training Cost Some IBOs pay arise training cost for their CSPs. Others offer course reimbursement after the CSP has completed the course and serviced the client for a specific period of time. It is completely up to the IBO. OneCall Contact Center, LLC does pay arise training costs of many client courses. There are some exceptions to this that are disclosed upon hire. Arise does not charge a fee for the following: Arise language Assessment Arise Voice Assessment Arise Drug Test Do you have other questions? Visit our complete FAQ.

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