Outsourcing Call Center Support


Take your business to the next level. Free up your office staff by hiring virtual agents!

Paying the staff and equipment costs needed to manage an in-house call center is expensive. RFC Staffing call center agents, on the other hand, are only paid while taking calls on your behalf.

While your competition sends callers to voicemail, our answering service for business will provide you with agents to answer live every time. RFC Staffing is sure to set your business apart from the crowd. Whether you need someone to pick up the phone when you're busy, or an around-the-clock customer service call center, RFC Staffing is sure to exceed the expectations of both you and your customers.

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Have other communication needs? We encourage you to browse the variety of answering services and call center services we provide to learn more about how we can help your organization.

Did you know that voicemail could be costing your business money?

A missed call could mean a missed opportunity to make a sale or assist an existing customer, which in turn affects your bottom line. Don't rely on customers to leave a voicemail and expect them to wait for you to call them back the next day. Many customers and clients who call a business and don't speak with a live person will simply move on to the next listing in the phone book.

Using our small business answering service will also help you keep up with that growth by allowing you to focus on tasks besides answering the phone. Improve service while saving money.

By employing RFC Staffing as your live answering service, you not only gain our customer service expertise, but also the large cost savings associated with outsourcing everyday business tasks.


RFC Staffing is the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions. We provide a wide range of outsourced contact center, business process and social networking solutions to all kinds of different industries that include everything from high tech, to healthcare, to start up and new economy companies. We work alongside our clients to create a partnership that works in tandem with their existing operations and support desks, helping them fill in sales, service and support gaps like phone, email, web chat, social media, and back office process. Our mission is to provide innovative support for innovative companies. We strive to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest cost to our clients. We have built a new class of high quality, domestic based contact and business process outsourcing services right here in the United States. Our team is filled with the most dedicated and creative colleagues who help take our client’s business to the next level.

We're Here To Help You Succeed

A range of services to accommodate a wide array of business needs.

Inbound and Outbound Professional Services

We Do More Than Answer Phones

The professionals at RFC Staffing offer a wide range of US-based telemarketing services to meet all of your outsourcing call center needs. These services allow us to promote the success of your company by providing innovative applications and services that increase productivity while enhancing the quality of client communications and delivering only the highest level of support possible. Our comprehensive outsource telemarketing services ensure that agents generate significant revenues for our clients and provide a return on investment.

Inbound & Outbound Services

Our virtual call center also includes superior outsourced inbound customer support. While our agents are here to retain your current customer base by handling their inbound queries, we can also help expand your customer base by helping design and implement new marketing strategies or business deals for your products and services through our outbound telemarketing services.

How will virtual agents transform your business?

RFC Staffing Agents know the ropes of the industry very well, and will help build your client base by giving them the best support. Our agents operate 24/7! Your prospects will enjoy full-time support with real-time analytics to create useful profiles about your customers. This way, you’ll be able to understand your customer even better by designing products and services that are congruent with their needs. Adding RFC Staffing virtual agents to your business structure is the smartest decision you can make. You’ll skip training of customer care reps, make your payroll a little bit ‘thinner,’ concentrate on important aspects of your business and let your customers enjoy the service of highly qualified professionals.

Who We Help

RFC Staffing flourishes and enjoys the greatest success when we are working with companies that match our value system and that allow us to demonstrate our experience and expertise. We work hard to build a working partnership and trust with all of our clients, and they rely on us to deliver the highest quality in outsourcing solutions. At RFC Staffing, we align ourselves with companies who are changing the way business works and who are disrupting their respective industries. We look for cultural harmony and a passion for the customer service experience in our partners. Our beliefs and business philosophies holds that if companies are truly looking to use their customer support department to be a differentiator in their field, we can provide highly motivated colleagues who will be not only be excited about coming to work each day, but will also be consistently aligned with that company’s goals and strategic focus to provide the best possible customer support experience to their end users

From customer service, to technical support and business process outsourcing, we provide solutions.

New Economy
High Tech
Mobile Commerce
Financial Insurance
Real Estate
Property Management
Funeral Home
Law Office

Business Contact Center Services

24/7 Live Answering
Website Live Chat
Email Support
Order Taking & Processing
Driver Dispatch
Technical Support
After Hours Answering Service
Bilingual Services
Call Routing & Transfer
Urgent Call Handling
General Administrative


Live Chat Support

At RFC Staffing, we are proud to provide our customers with the best Live Chat Customer Service in the industry. By delivering constant access to real-time live chat support, our highly trained service professionals are available to help and support your consumers directly from the convenience of your website. Through a transparent interface, RFC Staffing agents offer one-on-one interaction with your website visitors – a feature that’s proven to instill confidence in indecisive first-time customers and bolter the trust of your loyal customers.

Reliable chat services show all website visitors that your company is dedicated to providing quality customer support in a quick, wait-free manner. With RFC Staffing Live Chat Services your company can outshine competitors by offering dependable, genuine outsourcing customer support that helps retain the thousands of customers who would otherwise abandon your site due to unavailability of help.

Benefits of Live Chat Support

Using RFC Staffing’s Live Chat Support benefits your company in multiple different ways. Not only can you establish your brand as one with superior customer care standards, but you can also provide these essential services at a fraction of the cost of running your own call center or independent chat room.

Along with live chat for your website, RFC Staffing is committed to helping your company provide unparalleled support for your business via Email Management Services. These services enable your online business to communicate with Internet users in real-time and improve your sales and revenue while reducing costs. As leaders of a multinational company facilitating Customer Support Services for clients across the globe, RFC Staffing boasts a deep understanding for the importance of placing customers and their needs first.

Live Chat Increases Website Conversions

Live Chat customer service is ideal for both you – the company – and your growing consumer base. The ease and efficiency of one-click communication and uninterrupted electronic chat with specially trained agents makes live chat a necessity for businesses selling goods or online services.

Upon visiting your website, visitors are immediately greeted in a personable way and assisted throughout their entire stay. From help navigating your website, to answering questions, comments, and concerns about specific products or services, live chat agents give your website visitors immediate support to friendly communication and assistance. This increased visitor interaction inevitably improves customer satisfaction and generates incremental revenue per customer.

Employing RFC Staffing professionals to provide your website with live chat support not only helps foster lasting relationships with new and current customers, but you’ll also build a reputation for providing incomparable customer services in an era of instant gratification.

Customer Service: Assist Your Customers Instantly

Our skilled customer service representatives can assist your customers with their problems and issues in real time and with utmost professionalism. Our agents have experience in handling billing, product support, status updates and other functions related to customer service.

Website Salesman: Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers

Our highly skilled representatives greet your visitors when they visit your website and assist them through their entire stay. They help them navigate through your site. We will function as a helpdesk to do away with any confusion the buyer might encounter about the product you are selling and a complaint department customers turn to with questions and problems. Increased customer interaction translates into improved customer satisfaction and generation of incremental revenue per customer. Employing our salesmen on your website also helps you foster relationship with your customers for sustained long term growth.

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